You need to protect more than just your skin from the powerful UV rays we experience here in Texas. Light, heat, and powerful UV rays can damage and discolor wood, furniture and fabrics.

Luckily, Custom Solar Solutions makes it easy to combat these harmful effects. Our trained crew can install solar window film on each of your windows to block all damaging rays from the sun.

You'll enjoy the many benefits of residential window tinting, which include:

  • Increased privacy
  • Lower energy bills
  • Added security
  • Regulated temperatures
  • Reduces UV rays exponentually¬†

To protect your interior from the sun, call us today.

Other needs for window film usage in your home

Did you know that residential window tinting films aren't just for windows?

The experienced professionals at Custom Solar Solutions can also install decorative window film on the glass in your front door and shower. On the door, this cloudy coating will help with energy conservation and increase privacy. We can put the textured film on your shower to make it less transparent and reduce the look of hard water deposit.

Contact us now to get solar/decorative window film installed in your Katy, TX area home.